Reception booth at the airport


The dynamic and friendly team of reception agents who assist you at the airport as well as online is made up of Quebecers and international students. They are available to inform, advise and guide you as soon as you arrive.

Restricted area:

The booth is located towards the end of the restricted area, in the offices of the Immigration Québec (MIFI). The opening hours are 12 PM to 8 PM


Webinar login links are sent to you before the start of the Accueil Plus service at the airport.

The webinars are divided by administrative region of Québec. You will receive links to webinars based on your school’s administrative region. The purpose of the webinars is to prepare you for life in Québec. Topics such as transport, healthcare system, mobile telephony, the Internet, useful resources and many others will be discussed.

*We do not provide any information on immigration, vaccination or the customs process.

Several services are offered at booths and online:


Information on your educational institution and the first steps to take upon your arrival at university, CEGEP or a vocational training center.


Information on the means of transportation available to get to downtown Montreal or other cities in Quebec.


Internet access


Information about life in Québec.